"Google is the search engine of the world."

Google's value propositions include:

1. Best Quality
  • Google's use of complex algorithms allow its search engine to produce the most relevant results available.
  • Very easy-to-use platform, making searching, e-mailing, and doing a variety of other tasks with any one of Google's apps or products simple.
  • Google's applications and services are inter-operable, making for a more streamlined user experience.

2. Best Bang for the buck:
  • Free, linked accounts and apps allow for a very user-friendly group of Google products.
  • Many free applications such as:

               Google Search -  which provides customers with the best search results        
                                                available by using ever-changing and updating algorithms to
                                                provide the most relevant results.

               Google Mail -       provides secure e-mail accounts to users in a very user-
                                                friendly interface, allowing for convenient interaction with
                                                contacts and the ability to store data and documents.

               Picasa -                allows users to upload and share photos and videos.

               Google Talk -       uses webcams on a platform linked through your Gmail
                                                to allow users to interact face-to-face through video-chat.
            Other free services include: Google Voice, Google Finance, Google News, Blogger,
                                                            Google Health, Google Sketch-Up, among many, many

3. Must-Have:
  • Given its user-friendly nature and countless free apps, many people world-wide use Google and its many products, making for attractive advertising opportunities to companies to advertise through applications such as AdSense, AdWords, and YouTube.
  • Google had positioned itself to make its accounts desirable, linking them to one another and to highly-demanded sites such as YouTube.