Google's key resources include:


 Google's main headquarters in Mountain View California, nicknamed the "Googleplex", is just one of the company's many offices (there are a total of 85) throughout the world. 

The servers and other equipment used to power the Google network also add to it's physical resources.

Intellectual / Human:
This is Google's primary key resource, and the power behind its success.  Unlike many other companies, Google's intellectual and human key resources are actually one in the same.

Google is known for hiring only the most talented and innovative employees to develop their services and platform.  They are a company made up of thinkers and idea-generators, and this helps to keep them at the leading edge.  Because of the quality of Google's services developed by these employees, more users are attracted to them and the company's audience continues to expand.

Another of Google's intellectual resources are its many patents and intellectual property.