Customer Relationships

When it comes to customer relationships, Google has to have two approaches, as it has two completely different, yet very inter-connected customer groups; users, who primarily use Google's services for searching, shopping, emailing, etc., and businesses who buy ad space.

Google's users, or network members, are provided many free services and accounts, such as Gmail and, as of June 28th, 2011, Google+, a new social platform based on Google's existing accounts but with more of a community feel.  These services are provided to create a strong relationship between members and the company, and are backed by Google's support organization.

This Google Support Organization also provides customer service to Google's advertisers, by offering personal and rapid assistance and answers to all issues that may arise.

Google strengthens its relationship with its business customers through a strong sales and support infrastructure.  Another resource Google's business customers have is Google Business Solutions, an umbrella application which provides customers with access to many tools and services to help them expand am improve.  Bonuses include access to free seminars and other useful information, which in turn strengthens the relationships Google has with its business customers.