Customer Segments

Geographic Dimension
  • Highly diverse, as the internet is a universal tool
  • More than half of Google search results are delivered to users outside of the US
  • Google search and its products are available in more than 110 languages and ever-expanding

In the US, research indicates:
  • More popular with users under 34
  • 55% of users are male
  • Majority of users are of an upper-middle class income structure
  • Users are generally of a higher education and technologically adept
  • Lifestyle research suggests a significant number of users are married and have/will have small families
  • Most users are business-minded professionals
  • On-the-go with a busy lifestyle
  • “affluent suburbia”, “upscale America”, “small-town contentment”
  • Tend to be highly brand loyal
  • Want more worldly, innovative, customizable internet experiences

Organizational Customers:
    • Advertisers – majority of Google’s revenue come from AdWords, an advertising interface for small and large businesses
    • Publishers – other website publishers use AdShare to display Google ads and produce revenue for both
    • Internet-based Businesses – Google Business Solutions applications


The Savvy Student –
    • Enrolled undergraduate and graduate students (18-28 years old)
    • Typically from middle to upper-middle class, well-educated families
    • Want finding information to be fast and efficient; instant gratification
    • Highly technologically capable
    • Uses: social media, research, GoogleDocs

The Ever-Expanding Entrepreneurial Enterprise-

o   Businesses from corporations to mom-and-pop operations

o   Strives to reach customers in a cost-effective manner

o   Tend to use Google because of its search engine and user traffic

The Leisurely Fad-Following Family

o   Middle- to upper-class small families who hold white- or blue-collar jobs

o   Uses Google for: leisure purposes, entertainment, communication, shopping